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    Creative Director • Virtual Set Developer
    Graphics Consultant • Motion Graphics Professional



    Based in NYC

    I develop innovative design solutions in a collaborative environment for realtime graphics, virtual environments and motion graphics.

    My career has always been about three things.


    Using challenges and collaboration>at the heart of my process, I take great pride in group challenges, mentoring graphic teams to try new ideas and own the work.

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    In 2004,I founded the NYC Motion Graphics Users Group, as a place for sharing ideas and workflows. It has always been part of my ethos.
    I have been fortunate to put my practices to the test in prestige positions at KING TV, ABC, CBS and NBC News, my work, organization and management of 3D creative design were recognized with awards for innovation a journalism.


    I have spoken on behalf of Apple and Adobe at national conferences, and taught compositing and design at both SVA and NYU in NY.

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    2016 RESUME

    I started out with a career on horseback. Then followed a passion to drive things with a lot more Italian horses, before going back to school to study Film, TV, Sports, Lighting, and Negotiation.

    From there, I developed a passion for motion graphics at the post houses, agencies and national networks in NYC. First at CBS Cable, then CBS Evening News, on to NBC Nightly News, where my work in RT3D and After-Effects was an integral part of major News stories and branding. In 2000, I founded the NYC Motion Graphics Users Group where1400 members met monthly to share ideas and works at the Apple Store in Soho.

    I moved to Seattle in 2005 where I was Design Director for KING / KONG / NWCN and Belo interactive. Responsible for design, branding, and graphics management for wide variety of News, Programming and Sales clients, we worked with agencies to bring fully blown campaigns to light.

    Now back in NYC, I'm a freelance Art Director ABC News Tonight and GMA and the in-house Virtual Set Developer and continue to explore new challenges with VR, AR , RealTime Software and Motion Design with other clients.

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    William Drescher

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    Creative Director


    “Finding good players is easy. Getting them to play as a team is another story.”


    “When you make something no one hates, no one loves it.”

    - Tibor Kalman


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    C.O.A.S.T. Based upon a negotiation model by Dr. Scott Ratzan



    Identify Goals
    Establish Timeline


    Explore Technologies
    Brainstorm Ideas
    Think outside the box


    Examine Alternatives
    Realistic Solutions
    Other ways to do it


    How is it done elsewhere
    ideas vs, problems


    Next Steps
    Plan Agenda


    My Skills

    LinkedIn Endorsements

    72] Motion Graphics, 56] After Effects, 51] Broadcast, 43] Television, 42] Video, 35] Animation, 30] Graphics, 28] Graphic Design, 27] Adobe Creative Suite, 24] Video Production, 23] Mac, 20] Final Cut Pro, 18] Video Editing, 15] Adobe CS, 16] Post Production, 15] Art Direction, 15] Photoshop, 14] 4Digital Video, 12] Multimedia, 10] HD Video, 9] Team Building, 9] Cinema 4D, 9] Avid, 9] Creative Direction, 9] Storytelling, 8] Realtime 3D Animation and Automation, 8] Motion Design, 8] Compositing, 7] Graphics Management, 7] Computer Graphics, 5] Teaching, 5] User Interface Design, 4] Maya, 4] Premiere, 4] Unreal Engine 4, 3] After Effects and Plugin Guru, 3] Brainstorm eStudio, 3] VizRT, 3] Mentoring, 2] Project Planning, 2] Negotiation, 2] 3d Studio Max, 1] Curious Maps, 1] Web Design, Ross Video Xpression, ORAD 3Designer, Weather Central Graphics, InDesign, CSS, VR,

    Broadcast and Virtual Set Design with Unreal 4, After Effects Expert, Ross Xpression, VizRT, Brainstorm eStudio,ORAD ,RT Software TOG, Unreal 4, Adobe CS Expert, CSS, HTML, Apple FCP Studio,Motion, Cinema 4D, Maya, 3d Studio Max, Curious and BING Maps expert, Avid INews, Discreet Logic Flame; MS Office Suite, Keynote, Pages, Live Studio Camera Operator and Tracking, AE Plugin Beta Tester

    Expert in developing a creative environment, team development and mentoring, education and staying on brand.

    Web Design and Adobe CSS. I have built many sites, including this one, for clients, demo's, internal style guides, galleries, and friends

    On of my biggest strengths has always been my ability to understand and stretch the use of technology, Whether it is a plug-in for Adobe, or developing the process for an asset manager, or beta testing for one of several program, I have always been fortunate to take on those things with ease.

    I carried my Apple IIe to class at Emerson College. Then graduated to the first Color Laptop they made. From there, I managed MAC OS for Post Houses in NYC including, Post Perfect and Red Car. I won awards for Innovation from NBC for using my Mac Laptop to keep graphics on the air the night of the NYC Blackout. In Seattle, I built the first 20TB Xsan to be used in a cross collaborative work space with Artist and Editors and then updated it, with out loss of time to Xsan 2.0.

    Expert in Motion Design. I have been on Beta teams for Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Beta tester for several plugin packages including Sapphire, Zaxwerks, Red Giant and others. Founded, the largest gathering of artists in NYC for 8 years.

    Apple OS
    Adobe CS


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    Tel#: +1 (206) 218-5921
    NYC GV#: +1 (347) 699-5921
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    50 West 72nd Street, #1105
    NYC, NY 10023, United States

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